Case Study: Cummins Engine Protection



Cummins Engine Exhaust Heat Control

IEEP was commissioned to engineer, design and manufacture a thermal protective shield to suit a Cummins engine powering a 350 tonne excavator. The shield was designed to protect the hot exhaust components from combustibles coming into contact causing potential fire risk.

In addition to the plate a thermal insulation blankets, IEEP designed and manufactured thermal insulation blankets to wrap and cover all the hot exhaust components (Manifolds & Turbos).

The blanketing system proved to achieve two excellent results;

  1. Extra protection from combustible fluids coming into contact with the hot exhaust components – reducing potential fire risk.
  2. Due to IEEP blankets being manufactured from very high temperature Silica insulation, the system also insulated and contained the heat emanated from the exhaust manifolds and turbos.

This contributed to reducing the overall engine bay temperature.

The steel protection plate totally covered the hot exhaust components and is designed to deflect any combustibles coming into contact with exhaust components. The system also allows for cooling air to pass through the chamber and hot air to be directed out of the engine bay.

The system is designed and engineered to be able to be removed/refitted with ease.

The overall result proved to work outstandingly, by reducing overall engine bay temperature which in turn reduced risk of unnecessary discharge of fire suppression. Also very importantly protected maintenance personnel from potential injury from hot exhaust components.


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