Case Study: Caterpillar D10T Dual Skin Exhaust Pipe


  • IEEP were commissioned to develop and design a “Double Insulated” exhaust pipework kit to suit a Caterpillar D10T Dozer.
  • The overall purpose of the project was to eliminate the need for thermal blankets covering the pipework and to comply with the MDG 15 regulation.
  • The pipework was manufactured as a direct replacement part, following a similar contour as the original pipework.

IEEP was able achieve exceptional results in reducing the pipework surface temperature by an astonishing 97⁰C.

The result offered many benefits to the client and to the overall operation of the machine.

These benefits included:

  • No thermal blankets required to cover the pipework.
  • Reduced over all engine bay temperature.
  • Reduced potential fire risk.
  • Most importantly, Increased safety for maintenance personnel.

IEEP dual skin pipework is subject to strict engineering guidelines and manufacturing quality control to ensure longevity performance in hash mining environment, and to ensure that there is no adverse affect to the performance of the machine.


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