Case Study: Liebherr R 9800


IEEP is a world leader in remedying many issues relating to noise control requirements experienced in the mining arena. Have total peace of mind in a company that provides a high quality and reliable solution for our clients every time. Our products and solutions help fulfil vital customer needs and improve the environment.

IEEP’s unique design and development allows any mining machine to be fitted with our unique sound attenuation package technology that regardless of the machine or model type, the IEEP Sound Attenuation kits will be the solution that enables mines and related industries to continue to operate whilst maintaining the integrity of the machinery.

The Liebherr R 9800 is one of the largest mining excavators in the world. At 800 tonnes it is designed for large-capacity mining operations, and can work on almost any surface. Developed as the optimal loading tool for large scale mining operations, the R 9800 is able to achieve the most challenging targets.

IEEP were commissioned to design the first sound attenuation package in the world for the Liebherr R 9800. The sound attenuation package was designed and manufactured to reduce the operating noise of the excavator down below 118dBA. With the IEEP Sound Attenuation Package installed the Liebherr R 9800 operates at 114dBA. This is at 100% fan speed and under operating condition.

The effect of this treatment has allowed the mining operations who install this kit to continue operations during noise sensitive times and in noise sensitive areas.


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Comments from the Client:

“Logistically it’s been a bigger effort than normal as this R 9800 is the first fully sound attenuated R 9800 in the world. Recent noise level testing of the R 9800 provided results compared to that of a standard machine (from 127dBA down to 114 dBA). This means that the R 9800 will be able to operate even at night.”