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  • Why should a company or employee spend money on noise reduction products? +

    For two reasons:

    • For many mine sites to continue to operate within their environmental consents, it is necessary to treat machinery with acoustic packages to reduce the noise output to the require consent level.
    • Noise exposure is the most common preventable cause of occupational hearing loss. Whilst occupational noise induced hearing loss is entirely preventable, once acquired it is irreversible.
  • Can the IEEP sound kits be installed anywhere in the world? +

    The IEEP is designed as a “kit” where the kit is designed so that regardless of the location, IEEP can send the components to your site where they can be installed by your site or through our highly accredited install teams.
  • How long does it take for a complete attenuation package to be shipped to our site? +

    IEEP stock many kits within our warehouses. If components need to be manufactured there is generally a 4-6 week turnaround from date of purchase order. This is dependent on the machine and the quantity of kits that are ordered.
  • Will IEEP work with us to meet the required government imposed noise regulation? +

    IEEP have a team of highly trained and experienced acoustic consultants to help you understand and budget to effectively sound attenuate the operating machinery. IEEP test and manufacture componentry to comply Australian Standards.
  • Will dual skin exhaust pipework be detrimental to my machinery? +

    IEEP engineer the pipework to ensure proper fitment. Additional support or strengthened flange connections are provided if required.
  • Can dual skin exhaust pipework eliminate the need for thermal insulation blankets and comply with the MDG15 regulation? +

    Yes. IEEP dual skin exhaust pipework is double insulated. The pipe is manufactured with Silica insulation packing between the two metal skins, thus absorbing the heat transfer to the outer skin. Test results show the outer skin temperature well below the required level.
  • Will I have to make modifications to my machine to accommodate dual skin exhaust pipework? +

    Where possible IEEP has designed the pipework to follow the same contour of the original single skin pipes.
  • What material is IEEP thermal exhaust blanket manufactured from? +

    IEEP blankets are manufactured using hi-temperature Silica insulation. The Silica blanketing has a very high (980⁰C +) rating and also reduced skin irritation as opposed to traditional fiberglass blankets. IEEP works with the client to develop the right blanket for the component to be covered. Full spec pages are available upon request.
  • Are IEEP blankets Mine Spec? +

    Yes. All IEEP blankets are manufactured to comply with MDG15 requirements, and are subject to very strict internal QA. This ensures longevity and performance in harsh mining conditions.
  • Do IEEP offer site installation and site measurements? +

    Yes. IEEP do offer a holistic supply and installation service. IEEP work in with your machine shutdown and maintenance program to provide cost savings and professional installation services.
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