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IEEP is constantly working with mining and industrial operations throughout the world resolving their noise challenges and managing their specialist requirements.

IEEP has a well-established and fast growing network of operations that it effectively supports through its ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive site services to high levels of customer satisfaction.

In conjunction with its global partners, IEEP has effectively serviced clients worldwide for the past 30 years. We continue to expand and grow to meet the ever increasing need for professional, cost-effective and proven technology including noise management, thermal protection and specialised solutions for mining applications.

Vast Experience in Diverse Environments

Our ability to work with clients to a positive outcome has been at the forefront of our success. We have built high level relationships with our global clientele and we strive to uphold our market-leading innovation, technology and reputation for decades to come.

The IEEP Sound Packages that we develop are assembled in “Kit” form. Our products come to you either Fully Assembled or as packaged items that are ready to assemble subject to your location. As an ISO 9001:2008 company we understand the importance of consistent and reliable support every time. Every kit supplied by IEEP comes complete with all hardware, maintenance manuals and tactics, fitting diagrams and instructions. Through this it allows easy installation and safe operation.

As approved by the OEM, the products that we supply are easily identifiable and able to be installed by competent installers. IEEP have our own teams of accredited installers. These installers travel to your site where they install and commission the components to your machinery. IEEP can also provide independent third party certified testing for peace of mind for our clients for any components that are installed on the machine.


IEEP Centre of Operations: 3 Rosella Street, McDougalls Hill, NSW Australia, 2330. Tel: 1300 790 414. Email:

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