IEEP Acoustics



IEEP is an innovative and progressive company specialising in the engineering, design, manufacture and implementation of Sound Solutions for the Mining and Industrial Sectors. We have over 47 years of experience in this field, with a highly trained and competent team that provide complete in-house project solutions.

IEEP’s focus is on the following:

  1. Improve Performance: IEEP look to provide enhancement to our client’s machines.
  2. Ensuring Machine Longevity: We understand the implications of incorrect attenuation and ensure that heat containment/air flow and cooling are maintained.
  3. Enabling Access: Access restrictions are a key point that needs to be addressed when designing kits to ensure compliance.
  4. Permanent Support. IEEP provide complete factory backup and support.

The IEEP Sound Attenuation packages are available for most machines in a “Kit Form”, this ensures quality and reliability with every package installed.

IEEP provide acoustic solutions to suit the following machinery models:
Caterpillar • Komatsu • Liebherr • Hitachi • Joy Global • Sandvik
Bucyrus • P&H • Letourneau • Reedrill • Terex • Volvo

Below are recent comments from our clients:

“The sound attenuation kits have been designed in partnership with IEEP. The design not only takes into consideration the sound power level reduction, but also the impact of maintenance procedures”

“We can confirm that we would like to continue to foster the outstanding working relationship with IEEP, and engage you on another world first – sound suppression on our flagship excavator.”



IEEP Centre of Operations: 3 Rosella Street, McDougalls Hill, NSW Australia, 2330. Tel: 1300 790 414. Email:

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