IEEP Exhaust Silencers



IEEP is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialised diesel exhaust products to reduce emissions caused by both noise and exhaust gas pollution.

IEEP have a reputation for engineering excellence in diesel and gas engine exhaust systems and these exhaust silencers are designed, manufactured and installed to the highest standards. Our range of products include various grades of mufflers and silencers for power generating sets, lighting plants, mining and earthmoving machinery.

IEEP manufacture a range of standard silencers that can reduce sound by 25 to 40 dBA and above. These silencers are suitable for application to inlet and discharge emissions from diesel and gas engines, turbines and compressors and are available with integrated diesel oxidation catalysts and particulate filters where required.

IEEP also offer standard replacement exhaust systems. This range of products includes Engine Pipes, Muffler Assemblies, Connector Pipes and Tailpipes.



IEEP Centre of Operations: 3 Rosella Street, McDougalls Hill, NSW Australia, 2330. Tel: 1300 790 414. Email:

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